Dmitry Laptev
20th Anniversary Congratulations

Pastor of the Light of Life Church
Poltava, Ukraine


Dear friends! Today I want to join all the congratulations to the Vision International University on its 20th anniversary.

I believe that working together with the University is a great blessing. Our church, the Light of Life Church which I represent as the pastor as well as Dean of the Elementary Biblical Education of the Vision International University, has been working together with the University for the last 15 years. We do not only cooperate, but the University has become a part of our church structure and it is helping us with training at all levels. It is a great blessing.

Today, everyone who ministers in our church is practically a Bachelor of theology. Today every person who wants to become a part of our church must receive the Elementary Biblical Education. I believe that through these principles and ways the church is strengthened and increased.

That’s why with all my heart I once again want to congratulate the University, to congratulate all the workers, all staff members and all those who want to work together with the University.

My friends, I want to encourage all of you to continue to follow this vision and to experience a great multitude of blessings the University has in store for each of us.

It should be said, of course, that working together with the University takes effort and is not easy, but we see the results of our ministry. I believe that through this ministry the church is strengthened within and keeps growing, the leaders become established in God's truth and the gospel of Jesus is preached in all its fullness.

My friends, I believe that in cooperation with the University the church will be strengthened, will grow and expand its limits.

Therefore, I once again want to express a special thanks to all staff members of the University and to all teachers for your work. I can tell that your labor is not in vain, and you really are the people who dedicated themselves to the educational process. Therefore may God bless and strengthen each of you, in the name of Jesus Christ.


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