20th Anniversary Congratulations

New Life Church (Nikolaev, Ukraine)


Dmitry Laptev

Dear friends! Today I want to join all the congratulations to the Vision International University on its 20th anniversary.

I believe that working together with the University is a great blessing. Our church, the Light of Life Church which I represent as the pastor as well as Dean of the Elementary Biblical Education of the Vision International University, has been working together with the University for the last 15 years. We do not only cooperate, but the University has become a part of our church structure and it is helping us with training at all levels. It is a great blessing.

Today, everyone who ministers in our church is practically a Bachelor of theology. Today every person who wants to become a part of our church must receive the Elementary Biblical Education. I believe that through these principles and ways the church is strengthened and increased.

That’s why with all my heart I once again want to congratulate the University, to congratulate all the workers, all staff members and all those who want to work together with the University.

My friends, I want to encourage all of you to continue to follow this vision and to experience a great multitude of blessings the University has in store for each of us.

It should be said, of course, that working together with the University takes effort and is not easy, but we see the results of our ministry. I believe that through this ministry the church is strengthened within and keeps growing, the leaders become established in God's truth and the gospel of Jesus is preached in all its fullness.

My friends, I believe that in cooperation with the University the church will be strengthened, will grow and expand its limits.

Therefore, I once again want to express a special thanks to all staff members of the University and to all teachers for your work. I can tell that your labor is not in vain, and you really are the people who dedicated themselves to the educational process. Therefore may God bless and strengthen each of you, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Pastor of the Light of Life Church
Poltava, Ukraine


Peggy Laney


Dr. John F. Mc George (Faunder of MTEE)


Dr. Stan DeKoven


Valentina Grenchuk

My dear beloved team and all present! I thank God for all these 20 years of our ministry for Jesus Christ our Lord. I am thankful for every day, every moment, every step, every contact. I am thankful that we have been together for these last 20 years, building the work that god gave us to do. I thank God for your loyalty and patience and openness for everything that was happening at the Institute. These 20 years wouldn't be possible without each one of you. There wouldn't be any relationships between churches, cities and countries. Because of you we now have a powerful and effective ministry and a team that strives to go forward in spite of any difficulties. How great is our God who gives us new opportunities, new open doors and many more years of working together. My prayer and my desire for each one of you is that God's mercy and grace would be upon you, that we would be transformed daily into His glory and see His majesty in our lives. That we would seek his face every second we live. That we would develop relationships with our Almighty God. That we would receive vision from him and find time to listen to what our Father is saying to us. That we would fulfill his Great Commission. I thank God for each one of you!


John Daigle


Peter Kovalenko

With all my heart I wish to congratulate our happy, great, blessed family of the Vision International University in Ukraine on its 20th anniversary. This anniversary speaks of God's grace and God's blessing in our lives. This anniversary speaks volumes about the building of the kingdom of God. It speaks of the fact that the Lord teaches us how to love Him and how to be victorious in our lives. Victorious with God's Word. Because God teaches us God's Word, God reveals to us God's Word. God's Word is steadfast, it is strong, it establishes the hearts of believers. Our churches bear great fruit of what the word of the LORD has done in people's hearts. With all my heart I wish our teachers, our students, and of course, all of us inspiration and encouragement. And especially, love for God's Word. I pray that the word of God would be established daily in our thoughts and in our feelings, that we \would trust God in our actions. May the word of God strengthen our families, may it work in our country, in our relationships, so that we would believe. That among all sorts of difficulties, problems and pain that we see in this world, we would believe God, we would feel the support of our Heavenly Father, we would have hope in our hearts, that the Lord would comfort us. We are the people who have the Word of God. We experience God's love, therefore let us now spread hope, the hope in God. I am personally grateful to God for the Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership and for all the blessings that the Lord has sent us. I am truly grateful that God formed our relationship and inspired us to preach His Word. The Lord has vision, and I believe that we will receive this vision from God and put it into practice. Therefore I wish you hope, faith and love. And may the Lord bless us all.

Pastor of Kharkov Christian Church


Sergey Podnyuk

Peace of God to you, my dear brothers and sisters, the workers in the field of religious education, the co-workers of Christ. I'm really glad to congratulate you with all my heart on this remarkable anniversary for the Institute on the work that is being done by you not only in Ukraine but also in other countries and on all the things that God is doing through you for building up His church here on earth. Someone might say that this is not such a big date, not so important, but it is not so, because in such a short time so much has been done. People received a spiritual education and academic degrees, so many people have developed their skills and were perfected in their ministries. Perhaps only in eternity we will fully realize and see the contribution that you have made to equip the people in the church for the work of the ministry, to help churches expand their work and to fulfill the calling that the Lord gave to each one of us. I sincerely wish you all God's blessings and the anointing of the Holy Spirit so that it would always be renewing in your life, that you would have the guidance of the Lord and that all the blessings in your life would be fulfilled. May the Lord give you answers to your needs, to your prayers. May God's blessing always be in your life so that God’s peace and grace would be upon you. I also wish the Institute to have even more success and develop more and more and have even more blessings in your life so that all these needs, the questions that you have would be answered by God's hand and that the Lord always be glorified in your life. I wish you all the very, very best in your life and in your families and homes and in the churches where you are ministering and may God bless the whole Institute.

The rector of the
Theological Institute of Evangelical Christians
Minsk, Belarus


Aleksandr Ozeruga

Greetings to you, dear friends. All those who for the last 20 years have been a part of building up of this wonderful instrument of God which is called the Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership. Like many of you, I have had an honor to be one of those who were witnesses and humble participants in the birth and growth of the Institute. In this short address there is no way for me to remember and to name all the good things that God has done for me personally as a minister, as well as for our church. However, I would like to emphasize one thing in particular – how grateful I am to God for the fact that the Institute has given me a lot of friends, fellow ministers, very precious people who have impacted my personal life and the life of our church. I can say without exaggeration that I do not know any other educational institution in Ukraine that could provide such high-quality education right where the people are - in the local church, without having to leave one’s job and ministry. On this day, I have only one wish - may God bless the Institute and all of us who build it, so that we would remain relevant in this rapidly changing world. I thank all those with whom God has allowed me to work in all these years. May God bless you, lead you and give you the strength and the desire to work at the Institute and in his fields. With best regards and blessings to you.

Pastor of Church of the Living God
Vyshgorod, Ukraine


Pastor Ronald L. Bernier