Irina Vysotskaya (branch administrator, Nikolaev)

I am a teacher with over 20 years of experience. Studying at Vision International University was a certain challenge for me but later turned out to be a great blessing. In my teaching work I constantly engaged in self-education, learned new techniques and applied them. Studying at the university influenced my professional skills; the study of God's Word has helped me to develop a new approach to teaching subjects, building relationships with the students, their parents and my colleagues.

But the most valuable thing was the atmosphere within the Vision University. It was the atmosphere of love, acceptance, help, openness, and sincere interest in the process of transformation and genuine joy in the knowledge of the Truth.

Congratulations to the big friendly team of the Vision University on the 20th anniversary! Congratulations to all the teachers, the administration, and the president of VIU! May your hearts always be open to receive people, may the gifts of the Holy Spirit minister through you to the body of Christ, to local churches, and to students! Be without compromise in preaching the Word of God; steadfast in the spirit in temptations and trials; attentive to the needs of the saints; faithful and kind laborers in the kingdom of God; true worshipers of Jesus Christ! May love and kindness abound in your families! I wish you health, prosperity, God’s protection and shalom!

Irina Vysotskaya,
branch administrator,