Tatyana Pryadko (Light of Life Church, Poltava)

It wasn’t difficult for me to make a decision to study at the Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership, because I always liked to learn. But the first year of training was quite difficult, because at the time of each session I would experience some health problems (like sudden fever, severe headaches, and even numbness in my legs and feet). This pattern has led me to conclude that Satan did not want me to be at that holy place, hearing the Word of God. So on one of these days of classes I said in prayer to God: "Even if I'm going to crawl, I will crawl to the temple and will be in God's house." There were no more health problems after that.

Studying at the Institute has led me to some conclusions: "I know  absolutely nothing about God. I will have to learn many things, including self-discipline".

Each lesson is like a drink of fresh living water for me, like a good spiritual food. Each topic is unique, important, it has a strong theoretical base and practical orientation in the ministry. There are some very good Christian books that explain things in plain language, give a good theoretical basis and teach to delve into the Scriptures.

My unbelieving friends, colleagues and relatives often come to me on certain issues, knowing that I get a biblical education and seeing common sense and depth in my answers to their questions. This is a fantastic opportunity to preach the gospel to people in new ways.

I genuinely enjoy each lesson because I receive many revelations about my God. This is a unique opportunity to delve into the Scriptures, to meditate, to dig deeper into the Word of God. It is a great help in my personal spiritual growth and in my preaching to others.

Many thanks to all the people who work in this Institute and make sure that Christians would receive good biblical education.