Uliana (Jesus Christ the Savior Church, Ivano-Frankivsk)

My name is Uliana, I live in Ivano-Frankivsk. I ama second year student of Vision International University. I enrolled in this Bible University as a fifth-year student of the Department of Foreign Languages of ​​Vasyl StefanikCarpathian National University. I had a great desire to study in depth the word of God, to grow spiritually and to learn more of God.

Frankly, I did not know how and when this opportunity will present itself but at the same time I believed that nothing is impossible for God! The Lord is the one who gives us the desires of our hearts. One day as I spoke on the phone with a good friend from church that I attend she told me about her studying in Bible University and how the Lord blesses and leads her in life and helps in her work. She said that studying is a great blessing to her as she feels God's support and love, gets to know God deeper and grows spiritually. God touched my heart and I realized that God gives me the chance to make my dreams come true, because while studying I can also grow in God, change and learn to serve others. Despite the doubts whether I will have enough time to combine my studies in the State University in the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and my studies in the Bible University, because It would take a lot of effort, time and patience, I was not frightened and made a decision. It was an act of my trust in God, because He is able to help me. I realized that as I chose God I would attain more than I could imagine and I was not mistaken. During the school year I felt God's presence, peace, harmony, and the LORD blessed me so much that my studies in both universities were easy and interesting and I also had time to serve in the church, to invest in self-development and to take care of non-essential tasks. When we trust in the Lord and have a close relationship with Jesus Christ, then the Lord leads us and blesses us, giving us joy, peace, and love. Our burdens are overcome, problems solved, and life is filled with vivid colors and meaning! The Lord blessed me and helped me to graduate successfully from the State university. It was a great surprise that my fifth year of studying went so successful and easy that I was able to graduate the university with honors. This is not my merit, it is the Lord's blessing and His help. It was a good proof that God can bless more than I could ever think of! Only God gave me strength and ability to manage it all.

I know that many young people have a problem with employment after graduation. Again, my Lord did not leave me alone in this. We prayed and in just three weeks I received job offers from several employers. Just two days after an interview they called me and said that I got the job. For me it was a miracle of God. I rejoiced and thanked the Lord for His faithfulness in taking care of me.

Today I continue my studies and I am sure that God wants me to continue this process, to get to know Him and to be obedient in what He gives me. We must appreciate every chance that God gives us. The more we put God first in our life, the more God's miracles we will see every day. God is truly faithful, He loves us and desires only good things for us. So I want to encourage anyone who is planning to study or is in process of making a decision. This is really the right thing, it is very necessary and it will surely be a great blessing in later life. Good luck and inspiration in God's field!

2nd year student of Vision University
Jesus Christ the Savior Church, Ivano-Frankivsk