Andriy Tukalo (Love and Healing Church, Ternopil)

I was born and grew up in a goodfamily. My parents were doing everything for me so that I would grow up a happy child. I studied well at school and was respected and even feared among my peers. As an adolescent I tasted it all – first cocktails and cigarettes, then soft drugs, discos, noisy companies and new acquaintances. All this became a part of my life, but it was not enough. Since childhood I was opposed to drugs and was afraid of injections. But this did not stop me. and I first tried drugs when I was 18. I originally planned just to dabble in it a little and leave it for good later. But after some time I realized that I could not live without the high anymore. My thoughts were completely under the power of sin. In 2000 I got married and my relatives hoped for a miracle but my addiction was just becoming stronger. Criminal cases, hospitals, drugs, my relatives’ tears – it was all mixed up in my head and my life. The Lord found me in 2003 and from that time He began His work in me. Lying in the hospital, I cried to God, "If you are there then save me" and on that very evening some people from a rehabilitation center came to visit me, and my life and my relatives’ life began to change.

In 2004 I became completely free from sin. In 2006 we had our son Elijah and in 2013 our daughter Sophia. Now I'm a pastor at a rehabilitation center, serving God and addicts there. But I lacked knowledge and in 2015 I started my training at the Bible Institute. I realized  that to serve God and people in full capacity I first needed the knowledge. God led me here so I could be trained and then could impart my knowledge to others. The way our teachers and preachers present information is so interesting that I'm sitting in class with mouth agape and come home full of new discoveries. Our teachers are a blessing for all of us. Their lives are an evidence of their commitment to Christ. They teach us to explore the Word of God and to communicate it to people effectively.

I thank God for teachers, mentors and leaders of this Institute! It is a great blessing for the followers of Christ.