Alexandra Tilkova (The Good News Church, Cherkassy)

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to study at the Vision International University. This was a special and blessed time for me. I had to overcome much in myself and in my nature and learn additional skills. But the study gave me more than just deeper knowledge of God.

It was an equipping for the ministry that I am doing. It is also a great responsibility to live up to the knowledge received and to apply it in my daily life, because true spirituality is always practical.

I also gained an understanding of the church as the Body of Christ. All the gifts that God gives to each one of us must help to build up the local church as a body. God gives fullness and we can feel it in the church, we can see how God brings building up through imparting of various ministries in the lives of others.

I also thank God for those people who accompanied me while I studied. I want to say that I felt the love and support, and the students with whom we studied showed an example of integrity and holiness in those ministries where they are serving.

In conclusion I want to say that study is hard work and you have to pay a price for everything. I paid it and received a blessing because of it. God gives each person his or her way to go and, of course, the power to walk it.