Sofia Taranik
(Vyshgorod, Ukraine)

My name is Sofia. I am 74 years old. I am a Christian and a 4th year student of the Vision International University.

I am a member of the Church of the Living God in Vyshgorod,  Kiev region.

In 1995, I invited Jesus into my heart, and for 21 years I have been serving my Master. He is my Lord.

In 2012, the pastor called me and said that they enrolled me at the University. I was indignant and reminded him of my age, but his arguments were compelling. Today I am grateful to him that I am studying. I feel like a young student, I have great pleasure in going to school every time, writing course papers, reading literature. And lectures by our University teachers are a treasure trove for every student. We have excellent teachers. I keep getting revelations about life in God, serving Him, about the faith, how to resolve conflicts, about the Holy Trinity, and much more. And the age is not a hindrance if one’s heart is burning for the Lord. God does not separate His children into age categories. He has sheep and goats. I want to learn how to be a good God-pleasing sheep, and for that I need to know the will of God for myself. And the knowledge that great teachers of the Vision International University have imparted and will impart unto me will help me to do this.