Alyona Salova (The Word of Life Church, Cherkassy)

The study at the Vision International University — both the Bachelors’ and Masters’ programs —  became a fascinating journey for me. Almost six years of study of interesting topics, teachers living out their subjects, homework assignments that encourage delving deeper into one’s own life and doctrine, making valuable discoveries, receiving important revelation, enriching one’s person.

I do not regret any one day spent in the walls of the University. Sometimes things were easy, sometimes so hard that there was a desire to quit, but the victory was worth the effort. I have gained a huge wealth of knowledge, both the theoretical and the practical.

Writing the thesis was a whole new stage, a milestone in my life, as each paragraph was formed with diligence and great effort.

I am very grateful to the teachers at VIU for teaching me to delve deep into the chosen topic, to deeply comprehend and then express my thoughts on paper and not simply copy things off a textbook or online articles.

I was surprised by how many personal thoughts I had — it was just like a rolling river. I had only to break away from plagiarism.

I received an excellent grade, and I am very happy about it.

But the most important thing, of course, is not the final grade and not even a diploma, but the distance traveled, the challenges taken up, the victories, the pleasure of a busy and exciting training course. It was a great time in my life, and I advise everyone to dive into the exciting world of knowledge.