Nadezhda Ryabokonenko
(Pastor, Restoration Church)

When I began to study at the institute, to be honest, I had some doubts about whether I would be able and strong enough to pull it through. But I resisted such thoughts and learned that many of my fellow students also had similar thoughts. We began to support and encourage each other to study. The Lord helped me through this and I saw that the more I learned the more I liked it and that it brought forth fruit in my ministry. Now I come to each session with great desire. Thank God!

I really like that Vision University training program contains different topics that we, Christians, simply must know. For example, I have long wanted to read Josh McDowell’s works on cults but could not find time for it. The Institute helped me to read these materials and to to explore the topic of cults and the occult to use it in my life.

The topic of intercessory prayer and the book with the same title especially insired me and has been a great help to me in my prayer life. In this book the author gives answers to all the pressing issues such as: Why we do not get an answer even after praying for some needs for a long time; how to pray for the unsaved people. It inspired me to offer prayers to God with even greater zeal and faith for everything that I prayed before, and also to pray for the unsaved people more properly. I got so on fire about it that I preached and shared answers in our church at women's and prayer meetings. Everybody were very inspired and blessed.

I thank the leadership of the University for each teacher and for presenting a sound doctrine to the Body of Christ. I thank each teacher for their dedication, their work and their fellowship.

May God bless you and help you in your work in His field.

Thanks be to our God for the grace and mercy in giving me the opportunity to study here.

Nadezhda Ryabokonenko, 3rd year student of the branch 73 of VIU,
pastor, Restoration Church, Dnepropetrovsk