Victor Lazar (Source of Life Church, Dnepropetrovsk)

My name is Victor Lazar. I never wanted to learn – neither in school nor later. But one day when I gave my life to Christ everything began to change in my life.

First I went to a Bible school, then a missionary school, then I wanted to learn more. I did not want not stop there. For a while I was praying and then I felt that I needed a higher Christian education. When I began to browse the internet for information about this, to my surprise I saw that there was a huge number of institutes and universities. Now I had to choose one of them to enroll. I began to pray again. A short time later while browsing the web I kept stumbling upon information about the Vision International University in Eastern Europe. I realized that this was not just a coincidence. I continued to pray and began to gather information about this University from various sources. On Facebook I saw that many of my friends and acquaintances from different countries have studied at the Vision University.

One day I got a hold of a Christian newspaper in which pastor and bishop Vladimir Ilchuk gave an interview on Christian education and said that Christians should study in order to able to correctly understand and interpret the Word of God, to serve the Lord and to teach people properly. It answered all my questions. Through pastor Vladimir’s words I received encouragement and confidence that I am on the right track and I decided to enroll at the Vision University. When I learned that there was a branch of this University in Dnepropetrovsk, I saw the hand of God in this and was even more strengthened in my decision.

Now I'm in the fourth year and I have purposed to get to the finish line. I receive a lot of knowledge here and I believe that I will use it in the future because I'm studying according to the will of God and He has a plan for me, my life and ministry.