Maria Khanenko
(Grace Church, Khabarovsk)

One day in one family the mother went away to the teaching session, leaving her husband and their four-year old son at home. The father decided to feed his son. When he made soup, his son sat down, tasted it and began to whine, saying that the soup was salty and unpalatable. The father decided that his son was saying this on purpose because he didn’t want to eat the soup, so he took the belt and ordered his son to eat it. When the son has eaten, the father decided to try this soup, and it was really unpalatable. Then the father took his son and took him to a cafe for sweets to atone for his guilt. He cooked nothing more until his wife returned home. Sometimes when we deal with unbelievers, we force-feed them a lot of incorrect and useless things. The study at the Vision University gives people an understanding how to cook spiritual food right to pass it on to people. I have learned many new things during training that I did not know before.

I wish everybody would go and study! This is very useful first of all for us and especially for those with whom we fellowship and whom we want to lead to Christ.