Students from the Grace Church, Khabarovsk


Eugenia Moskovchenko
«A new branch of the Vision University was opened in Grace church this year. 16 students have enrolled and they all have finished the first year. I see that this is a true blessing for each one of us».

Irina Makarenko
«Education at the University this year has not only helped me to grow spiritually, but also facilitated big changes in my character. I have found freedom from the things that prevented me from being successful. As I did the written work on a particular subject God exposed my problems and these problems have been destroyed because I began to examine myself by the Word. I encourage anyone who wants to grow spiritually to go and study at the University. This study will help not only you personally but later you will help many other people».

Olga Zhuravleva
«Eugenia, our group leader, has announced that classes will begin on September 27. That would be my birthday, and the Lord spoke to me that I must enroll. When we have completed the first year, I began to look back on my life and I realized that I have changed very much. My heart was healed of many wounds and resentments which hindered me to love people. God has cleansed me from all this. Very often God dealt with me during the writing of essays as well as through the study of the Bible, cleansing and purifying me. I encourage you to go to study».