Poltava Christian Church

1. General information:

Name: Poltava Christian Church
Pastor: Andrei Rudnev
Location: Cherkassy, Ukraine


2. A brief history of the origin and development:

Established in 1996, with the cooperation and under the leadership of the Kharkov Christian Church and Senior Pastor Peter Kovalenko. Alexey Sirkin was a pastor until 2004, since 2005 Andrei Rudnev took pastoral ministry.


3. The vision of the church is based on Scriptures (Matthew 22: 37-40) and (Matthew 28: 19-20):

  1. Loving the Lord with all your heart. It is worship.
  2. Loving your neighbor as yourself. This is the ministry.
  3. Go and teach. It is evangelism.
  4. Baptizing them. It is unification in the Body of Christ.
  5. Teach them to observe all. This is discipleship.


4. Ministry and church programs:

Ministry and church programs include worship, ushers, youth, children, missionary, home groups, "Alpha Course", library, book, delivery, counseling, female, deacon, feeding the homeless, children's camps, at the boarding house in Gadyach, home for elderly in Gorbanevka village.


5. Today's challenges and needs of the church, including financial:

  • The development of youth ministry.
  • Building a house of prayer.