Olga Melnik (branch administrator, Khmelnytsky)

When I began studying at the VIU I was a Christian for 8 years. The Lord has imparted a lot in me and entrusted me with a lot of things over these years. A few months after joining the church I joined the prison ministry in which I developed two non-profit organizations. I wrote up various social projects for which these organizations received grants for their activities; I was responsible for the ministry in the women's penitentiary; this ministry later expanded to men’s penitentiary as well. In addition to this a small home group for which I took responsibility in my first year as a Christian grew into a whole district and I became a district pastor.

I always had a lot of things to do in my job and in the ministry and I enjoyed such busy and full life. But I still felt some discontent. I always knew about my calling as a teacher, and this was confirmed in the church. For several years I taught a course for new believers; I organized a Bible school in the penitentiaries I was allowed to minister; many churches in Ukraine invited me to conduct various trainings on the topics ranging from founding a non-profit organization to fundraising issues. But still all this was not enough. I knew I wanted to move on but I did not have the knowledge and resources plus the highest training I could receive would be a ministers’ training course.

When the church learned about the possibility of opening a branch of a higher education institution, I was the first to apply for admission. With this training my life, my ministry, my calling, everything began to become clear and certain. After three months I was offered to become a branch administrator in our VIU branch; after another three months I became the Bible school Dean; and after a few more months the church leadership has entrusted me to take complete responsibility for the church’s department of education.

I am now in my fourth year of studying at VIU and as I see all the changes, new areas, new resources and new faces of my calling I look forward to the future benefits of my training. Besides, I am not the only one who is developing in the field of education during training at VIU; the students of our branch are teaching in the Bible school, take responsibility for entire departments. Together with the elders of the Church I am now engaged in the reform of the education system.

Having constant communication with the students of the VIU branch, I can confidently say that training in this institution bore fruit not only in my life, but in virtually everybody’s life. Students look forward to next subjects and next visits of interesting and anointed teachers who soundly present the truths of God's Word.

With all my heart I congratulate the large and friendly team of the Vision University on its 20th anniversary – all the teachers, the administration, and the president of VIU! I am proud to be a part of this blessed team!