Honoring twenty years!

By Linda Campe, MTEE missionary

It was the winter of 1995, February to be exact when John and Eileen Daigle and Ernie and I left the comforts of home to live in Eastern Europe. We moved to Kosice, Slovakia and within a month’s time, Meloni Adams also moved to the same city. Meloni and the Daigles attended the same church in North Carolina so there were familiar faces to greet her when she arrived.

Meloni was not a part of MTEE when she came over, but soon found a place to serve in Kosice. In May of that year the decision was made to move the ministry headquarters to Katowice, Poland. It was not long before John Daigle persuaded Meloni to join us in Poland and Meloni moved to Katowice in the fall of 1995 where she oversaw our printing of textbooks for the Bible schools. She shared an apartment with the Daigles who resided in our large office.

Meloni adapted well and turned her room into an attractive home with plenty of pictures of her favorite niece, Brittany who was about 3 years old at the time. I remember shopping with her to find the perfect and appropriate gift for Brittany’s birthday – not an easy feat in a former communist country.

Meloni also learned the necessary Polish words in order to shop for groceries. She may have been the biggest consumer of sugar as she regularly made “Carolina sweet tea” for the Polish staff who usually ate lunch at the office. Polish desserts are not very sweet so drinking the tea was an adjustment for our staff though I don’t think anyone refused it.

Meloni definitely demonstrated a servant’s heart as we had to prepare lunches for students in our bible colleges or for pastors’ conferences held in our office facilities. Whenever we had American missionaries visiting, Meloni’s design skills surfaced and she could turn an ordinary room into a beautiful bed and breakfast showplace.

MTEE had Bible colleges in most of the former soviet bloc countries and travel was often made to many of them. When Meloni visited Bulgaria there was a definite connection that bonded her with the country and the people. So after about four years in Poland, the opportunity to move to Lovech, Bulgaria presented itself. If you are a regular reader of this newsletter you know how the Lord has used Meloni in her many giftings since coming to Bulgaria. She has a heart for the Bulgarian people and especially the women who have lived very difficult lives.

We at MTEE who have known Meloni for the past twenty years want to salute her and acknowledge how she has allowed the Lord to use her and her gifts to bless the Bulgarian people. Thank you, Meloni for obeying the Lord and responding to his call on your life on this your 20th anniversary on the mission field.