An Attitude of Thanksgiving

An Attitude of Thanksgiving

By Dr. Ernie Campe

The following is a letter we received from one of our students, Irina Steglenko who also serves as the school administrator in one of our schools in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We felt it was a timely letter to receive at Thanksgiving.

She writes: “I came to the Lord 19 years ago. There were many conferences, seminars and training sessions during this time, but four years ago tragedy struck! My husband fell off a cliff in the mountains and now is in a wheelchair. Then I grew somewhat cold. I did not stop believing but the former enthusiasm for the knowledge of God’s word was not there.

When I decided to study at the Bible College, it was only my decision to change the status quo. But as I delved deeper into the word in my classes and as I analyzed and prepared for the next lesson, the excitment of the depth of God’s word, its versatility and practicality came back. Some things which I had taken for granted became clear and understandable. The desire to be with God in His word came back and brought me peace, joy, hope and a future. I think people should never stop studying the word because it is boundless and immense, living and active.”

Because of your financial support we have students like Irina. Thank you so much.