Anna Gusak (academic administrator, Kharkiv)

I am extremely grateful to God for the twenty years of service of Vision International University in Ukraine. Its balanced curriculum has been and continues to be a tremendous help in preparing leaders for the work of serving the Lord.

The Word of Life branch at Kharkiv Christian Church was opened in 1996. During this period more than two hundred graduates have successfully completed their studies and became Bachelors of practical theology, 13 people received master's degrees of practical theology. Three of them did not stop but continued their education and now have a doctorate in practical theology. Graduates use the knowledge gained in their ministry and in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord.

My life and ministry have been associated with the VIU for nineteen blessed years. This time includes training on the bachelor program and Master's program, as well as my thirteen-year service as the branch manager at Kharkiv Christian Church. I sincerely thank the Lord for the knowledge I received that now helps me in my spiritual growth in the Lord. I am also grateful to the teachers, all the ministers of the VIU for their help and support, because now as an academic administrator I can assist administrators and students of other branches in the organization of the educational process.

I would like to congratulate all the teachers, students and graduates on this anniversary. I believe that many more students in different countries will be able to study at the university to better serve the Lord, bringing the Gospel to the lost and making disciples.