Marina Antonets (Modern Christian Church, Poltava)

Dear IDCL!

I am grateful to God that my son Eugene insisted on my studies. He graduated from IDCL in 2012 and became a pastor.

Now I'm a fourth year student and I use the knowledge gained in IDCL in my subjects. I have a PhD in psychology and I teach philosophy, political science, psychology, ethics and aesthetics. I have made over all my teaching programs based on the material from IDCL textbooks. I love to learn and I am grateful to the Lord for studying here. I like to write essays, even more so since the "Word to the Teacher" magazine uses them in its correspondence. I am an author of several training programs, an "Understanding of Love" lecture and other materials that I can share with you. On December 22, 2015 I gave a speech at the Verkhovna Rada. My lecture was called "Spiritual determinants of students’ education". For the last five years I have been the head of the Association of Christian teachers in Poltava.