Tatiana Suray (Dnepropetrovsk),
Valentina Kulak (Poltava)

Tatiana Suray

The Bible School helps to organize knowledge. Even the things that I knew before  are opening in a new way, so I get a lot of new information and learn a lot of historical information. A more complete understanding of the Bible is necessary for growth in God and for teaching others.

Tatiana Suray,
first-year student of the Bible school,
Dnepropetrovsk, Restoration Church


I attend Light of Life Church for nearly 15 years and serve in the children's Sunday school. In 2014, my 16-year-old daughter Dasha and I were offered to get The Beginning Bibllical Education in Vision International University. Naturally, I encouraged my daughter to study, because I think it is important, but I myself decided that I had studied enough and I know a lot already, so I don’t need to study anymore. The church ministers, however, advised me to refresh my knowledge. Moreover, even my 15-year-old daughter Tanya wanted to study. I finally decided to set a good example for my daughters and to study again. Naturally, it is a great sacrifice for our family in financial terms and in the matter of time, because each one of us is involved in the church ministry. But I have not regretted that I study in the Bible School. I notice the increasing spiritual growth in my life and I believe that it is important for ministers to regularly receive biblical education. It is necessary to apply this knowledge in one’s personal life and ministry. I am very happy to get the knowlege with my daughters.

Valentina Kulak,
second-year student of the Bible school,
Poltava, The Light Of Life Church