Rymarchuk Olena
(branch administrator, Lutsk)

“He satisfies my desires with good things” (Ps. 103:5)

These are the words I can use to describe the part that the Vision International University plays in my life. I sometimes think that opening a branch in our local church was for my sake. I want to tell a short story about it: "I was baptized in 2004. Because I like to read very much and after I got saved I read only Christian literature, I have had a desire to study. I wrote letters to several correspondence bible schools and received information about study opportunities. But somehow I just forgot about these schools for a while. Later it became clear why this happened. They have made an announcement in our local church about the opening of a branch of the Institute. I realized that my Heavenly Father has prepared something better than distance learning."

I am grateful to all founders, staff workers and teachers at the University for the opportunity to deepen the study of the Bible. During their studies students gained knowledge which they use in everyday life. It is much easier to proclaim the news about Christ to people when you have a sure foundation.

I am confident that the founding of the University in Ukraine is God's will. Its ability to work with various denominations will help unite all Christians, and that is what teachers are called for (Eph. 4:11-15).

Currently we have a second group of students completing their studies. They are excited about the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical skills which will change them into the image of Christ.

Please accept my congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the University. May God continue to inspire you with desire to carry the truth of the Word of God throughout all the earth.