Victor Perevitsky (branch administrator, Kremenchug)

I am very glad and grateful to God for the opportunity to study at Vision University. From the very beginning, when there was a call to enroll in the university, I decided to study. Our pastor Valery Radionov asked me to help with collecting documents from the applicants. Applications were filed by 26 people not just from our church, but also from other churches whose pastors want their leadership to have a good theological foundation. When a group was formed, pastor Valery in a conversation with me suggested that I may serve as an administrator. I readily agreed, not knowing how much work it would be and how many things I would have to care for. That was the beginning. But thanks to the support and encouragement of Anna Gusak, our regional administrator, everything fell into place.

Education at the University is not just the acquisition of knowledge, but also a live communication with the teacher, who is always ready to answer all my questions. While studying at the university, I learned a lot and one day caught myself thinking that if I had not studied I would never hear these things or only heard some of it by chance in the distant future. I am grateful to God for the great privilege to be His disciple, to know Him, to study the Word of God, which in many respects has changed me.

Now I am on my 4th year of study. These four years passed quickly, but during this time of grace we have been in many ways enriched with spiritual knowledge and now are ready to apply this knowledge in our service to God and to our brothers and sisters in the faith.

Many thanks to the entire teaching staff of the institute who have imparted much to us so that we Christians would have received good biblical education.

I would like to thank the Institute’s administrative group for their patience and willingness to always come to the rescue and resolve any issues related to administrative work.

I cordially congratulate the large and friendly team of Vision University on its 20th anniversary – all the teachers, the administration, the president of VIU! I am proud to be a part of this blessed team!


Sincerely, Victor Perevitsky,
Branch administrator, Kremenchug,
the Covenant Church