Olga Gavrilyuk (branch administrator, Emilchino)

On behalf of all the students of the branch "Unshakable foundation" from the little town of Emilchino and on my behalf  I would like to congratulate International Vision University with the 20th anniversary!

In 2012 we launched the first course of the Vision University in our branch. There were members of the churches of Emilchino, Ovruch, Emelyanovka, Kiev, and Dovbish. They were given an opportunity to receive a quality Bible education and later apply this knowledge in their everyday service to God and people.

Wholeheartedly we thank all the teachers who have sacrificed their time and energy to come to us. It is not easy to get to our place. They shared with us invaluable spiritual treasures that have helped and continue to help transform the students as well as people they serve into the image of Christ.

We also thank the University office workers for their practical help to our branch, for their friendly attitude and participation in the educational process and in the life of every student.

I personally finished Bachelor and Master Program of the Vision University, and I am immensely grateful for the training at the University. It allowed me to grow spiritually and fruitfully serve others.

We thank God for you, and wish to you even more God’s inspiration and anointing, creative approach and good health to continue such needed and valuable work!

Olga Gavrilyuk,
branch administrator, Emilchino