Meeting of Leaders of Christian organizations

October 17 the President of MTEE Ron Bernier was in Kyiv (Ukraine) and met the leaders of large Christian organizations, namely the President of the Center of Independent Charismatic Churches of Ukraine Anatoliy Gavrilyuk and the Head Bishop of Ukrainian Mission Church Valeriy Reshetinskiy.
Ways of cooperation were discussed in those meetings.
Great is the Lord, who unites His dear and faithful people to share and proclaim the Word of God all over the earth.
All glory belongs to the Lord!

From the left to right: Ron Bernier, Anatoliy Gavrilyuk, Valentina Grenchuk and Olexandr Vasylevskyy


From the left to right: Valeriy Reshetinskiy, Ron Bernier, Valentina Grenchuk and Olexandr Vasylevskyy