Alexander and Victoria Moroz
(Kharkiv Christian Church)

“What have you gotten me into?”

“Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers” (1Tim.4:16). Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership (IDCL) is a special period of God's miracles in the life of our family. In my first year at the beginning of the second lesson we were given the first test, and my wife Vita at once demanded a specific answer from me, saying: "What have you gotten me into?!". We had not made a definite decision to go to the institute together. But the Lord worked in our lives as he saw fit. My wife and I prayed for two years for God to give us children. Then, in the period between submitting documents for admission and enrollment to college we found out that we will have a baby. In February 2012, while studying in the first year of the Institute, we had a long awaited son Vanya. In the second year we have received a gift from God — our little son Yura. In the third year the Lord has given us a break. But in the fourth year, 6 days before the defense of the thesis, the Lord blessed us with Misha. Over the four years of studying at the IDCL God gave us three sons. We are grateful to God for a special time of training at the IDCL and for our blessed children. Thanks be to God for our brothers and sisters who supported us with their prayers and helped with the children. Before enrolling at the IDCL we wondered, "Is it necessary?" "Can we do it?". But God has been giving us new strength for each new day. God loves to bless, and he devotes himself to those who are making an effort and devote themselves to Him.