Oksana Melnyk (branch administrator, Ivano-Frankivsk)

Peace be with you, all workers in God’s field! The Lord sees your work and knows all the circumstances of your life!

I would like to express my gratitude to God for all teachers, administrators, and the true disciples of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for you, the people who love and honor the Lord, who understand the importance of the mission entrusted to them by God! Never give up and do not be discouraged if you do not immediately see the fruits of your labor. The scattered seeds of God's Word will surely spring forth in people's hearts and bear fruit. God only knows the time of their harvest. May your enthusiasm never stop but burn ever bright, lighting up the hearts of others. Believe that God has called you at this time for a reason, He is looking for faithful and devoted and He Himself makes them capable. After all, it is His grace in us, His mercy and kindness. Thank God for His unconditional love for us people!

Thank you for the opportunity to share what I have in my heart and to thank one more group of people – all textbook authors, editors, translators, publishers – everyone who has made these storehouses of God's wisdom available for us. Students often express their gratitude for the excellent literature that they receive at the University. Many of them testify to the fact that they draw deep and practical knowledge from these books, discovering new facets of the knowledge of God. This confirms the fact that God is living and active, that He personally takes care of the quality of spiritual food and blesses open and hungry hearts.

As a student I myself experienced the touch of God from the pages of these textbooks. One particularly bright and deep experience was a book by Malcolm Webber called “SpiritBuilt Leadership”. At that time there were some difficult circumstances in my life and I was perplexed about things in my life happening the way they were. Why was it all happening if I believed God, had close relationship with Him, prayed and earnestly sought to know His will? This question kept coming up for a long time while I sat and read this book. The author was saying that God is interested first and foremost in our character and heart, that only after the trials and tests He would be able to trust us with greater things and to manifest His glory in us. The prophetic parable about the host and the royal carriage made strong impression on me. The Lord said so much to me at that moment! Weeping, I thanked God for His answer as I realized that He was working in me and preparing my heart. It was like a mystery that God has revealed to me. I rejoiced and cried at the same time, saying: "Lord, now I understand everything!" As time went on, and now it’s been six years, I still remember this parable very well and every time I encounter some trials I remember all that God has told me. This supports me and helps me to move on. Now I know that whatever happens to me is for my good as it makes me better and stronger. I thank the Lord for His election and an honor to be an end-times person. When you understand what happens, when your Daddy explains it all, then you are not afraid to fight and stand in faith. If some of you now also have some difficulty, feel under the pressure or are misunderstood by their relatives and friends, I want to encourage you and say, "Do not be afraid!" All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose! You hear? All things! Whatever the circumstances, the Father is with you, and He knows why it all happens. Just trust Him and continue to stand firm in faith. Difficulties make you strong and experienced warriors, and such people are few. So cheer up and rejoice that God chose you, as you His treasure and His vessel of honor, fit for every good work.

I thank God for all the people who worked and sowed His Word in my heart!

Sincerely, Oksana Melnyk,