Leadership Conference. Ukraine' 2017.

Ronald Bernier

Strengthened in the Lord’s Might

This evening marks the end of our first phase of ministry in Ukraine and the beginning of our second phase. We completed our three day Leadership Conference with teachers and administrators of IDCL along with spouses and pastors. The three days of teaching and fellowship also included a praise and prayer service where we were able to pray for one another to be strengthened as words of encouragement and challenge were shared.

In the three days, in addition to all of the teaching sessions, we were able to meet with 15 different couples or singles for individual scheduled times of fellowship, inquiry, counsel, prophetic insight and prayer. Needless to say, that is what we did in any free time associated in the conference (we spent a minimum of 30 minutes with each couple). Each individual or couple were so receptive and transparent in our time together. It was a great opportunity to hear first hand each one’s passion and challenges and have an opportunity to thank them for their service to the Lord and for their ministry to the Body of Christ.

Tonight, we had some time of strategy with some of the Institute’s core leaders to lay out what we will be doing as we lead a Pastor’s conference. Tomorrow we head out to Kharkov (a six hour train ride) to the next location). Even that ride will include some time of talks and strategy for the future. More than 100 pastors and leaders are expected to attend the Pastor’s Conference. In addition we will have a Master’s graduation and minister in local churches.

I am reflected of the psalmist as he declared: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of who shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

As we continue to minister and dialog with each of these leaders, I can sense a burden of fear leaving and being replaced with faith, hope and love. What a privilege we have in serving the Lord. May His presence, wisdom, endurance, favor and grace continue to guide us, as we minister His Word in this season of this beloved country of Ukraine. Thank you for your continued prayers for safety, endurance and open door opportunities. May the Lord enable us to be fruitful with our time and opportunity in the remaining days.

Ronald Bernier, Valentina Grenchuk, John Daigle


In the center – Ladyk Andrey (Academic Dean of teachers, national teacher) and his wife Natalia


In the center – Rudnev Andrey (National teacher) and his wife Nadezhda


In the center – Kolesnikov Alexandr (National teacher) and his wife Natalia


In the center – Laptev Dmitriy (Dean of the Beginning Biblical Education, pastor) and his wife Natalia (pastor)


In the center – Vasylevskyy Alexandr (Rector of MUV, national teacher) and his wife Vita


In the center – Kahcan Sergey (National teacher)


In the center – Kovak Alexandr (National teacher) and his wife Ilona


In the center – Simonenko Yurii (National teacher) and his wife Natalia


In the center – Shulga Alexandr (Academic Dean of Master's and Doctoral programms, national teacher) 


In the center – Ilchuk Vladimir (Bishop, pastor) and his wife Nelly


In the center – Uvarova Ludmila (Regional administrator)


In the center – Zagorodnaya Svetlana (National teacher, regional administrator) and her husbond Vyacheslav


In the center – Gusak Anna (Regional administrator)


In the center – Pareshnyh Alexandr (National teacher)


Vovchuk Yurii