Victoria Krasnenko
(Velikaya Belozerka, Ukraine)

My name is Victoria Krasnenko, and I want to tell a story about my study at the Vision International University.

In 2008 I enrolled in the University in the Bachelor's program at the Light of Life Church in Poltava. It was a wonderful season of my life, a great time spent with other students. Blessed teachers taught us practical theology and inspired us to serve God not only through the bachelor’s program teachings but by their personal testimonies as well.

In 2011 I was forced to move to Zaporozhye region for family reasons. To my deep regret, the local churches in this new area did not cooperate with the Vision International University, thus it was not possible for me to complete my studies. But in 2015 I got this opportunity through distance learning which is not tied to a local church. Thank God, I now had a hope to complete my studies. I was 8 months pregnant when I received a letter of invitation to study. My husband supported me greatly and said that I must study and I will make it. It was a very difficult time in my life but at the same time it was a very blessed time as I received knowledge of theology, was delving deeper into the Word of God as I worked on my course papers and my thesis. I wrote virtually all my essays at night and covered study materials on weekends while my husband took care of our baby. It is very difficult to study with a baby in one’s arms. Because I had little sleep at night I started to have problems with high blood pressure and often had to call for an ambulance. But I had a great desire to study and to complete the work I started.

I was very strongly supported and encouraged by Natalia Lesovaya, a University teacher and my supervisor. Finally, in August of 2016 I defended my thesis with honors. Time has flown by very quickly, my baby is 10 months old now, and I have graduated from the University! I really want to be fulfilled in the ministry, so that the knowledge I received at the University would be useful in my work for the Lord. I thank God for the opportunity to study long-distance. I also thank the Vision International University staff for their ministry in theological education.