Jesus Christ the Saviour (Ivano-Frankivsk)

1. General information:

Name: The Church of "Jesus Christ the Saviour"
Location: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

2. A brief history of the origin and development:

The church was founded in 2008. A small group of people prayed, and a brother from Pentecostal church came to them and preached the Word of God. After a while they realized that they needed to pray for him to be ordained as their pastor.  Soon they received what they prayed for.  Now this is the eighth year of the church. A special feature of the church is the fact that it organizes a lot of general meetings where all the believers of the city are invited. The meeting with the US Pastor Neil Rose was one of such meetings. Through such meetings people gradually got acquainted with the church and each other, and decided to become members of this church. Therefore in addition to the new converts the church has got people with experience in the ministry.

3. The vision of the church:

To preach the Gospel, to reveal to people the grace of God in Jesus Christ and to establish the love of Christ.

4. Ministry and church programs:

At present the church has the following ministries:  Levites’ (praise and worship), studying the Word of God, children, youth, the group that does evangelism, ministry at the orphanage, prayer ministry, the usher’s group, administration, study at Vision University.

5. Today's challenges and needs of the church:

The Church has an urgent need for a house of prayer, and we ask your support.