Anna Grebenyuk (branch administrator, Kropyvnytsky)

I first came to the Vision International University as a student. I was involved in several ministries in my church but I realized that I have reached a certain limit. My knowledge was not enough to fully minister to people, so I decided to dedicate four years to training and "professional development". Who would have thought that my history with the Vision University would continue long after those four years!

In our church we have training programs, seminars, schools etc. where the leaders are ministering, but at some point we realized that our leaders also need to be trained. It was nice to have the active support of our pastor Olga, who not only was one of the first, enrolled in a group but also motivated others.

For the past three years a branch of Vision University operates in our local church. One can see a thirst for learning in both the first-year and third-year students, which slightly fades only when one must write a course paper. People continue to give exciting reviews about the teachers who come from all over the country. The education helps our spiritual growth as well as nourishes our souls. The framework and requirements help us learn discipline, order, responsibility and much more.

I heard about branches that have been successful for over ten years. We still have a long way to go to get there but I am confident that we will continue in this way and our first graduation will be followed by a second and a third and on and on.