Julia Erdzhelan
(Light of Life Church, Poltava)

Before His ascension Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and to make disciples of all nations. But in order to teach someone one needs first to be trained and competent in spiritual matters. The Vision Bible University is a great place to get knowledge about God, about His Word, to learn the history of Christianity, to master ministry skills and much more.

Studying in the Bible University was a great blessing for me. Looking back, I realize what wealth of knowledge I received and how my heart was changed. This really helped me in my knowledge of God, spiritual growth, strengthening in the faith, overcoming trials and temptations, and in my service to God and people.

The program is very interesting, extensive and covers many aspects of the Christian life, which allows students to understand and interpret Scripture correctly and to navigate in a variety of topics. The knowledge gained often helped me in speaking about God with professors, atheists, members of false religions, new Christians, when you need to find an individual approach to each person; in ministry, counseling and helping people who are experiencing trials of find themselves in difficult circumstances. In such cases it is very important to be able to assess the situation from a biblical perspective.

Also, attending classes, writing papers, doing home assignments, working with the textbook - it all helps to discipline oneself, it teaches to manage time properly, to find the strength, to trust God and to never give up in achieving the goal.

Special thanks be to God for all the teachers who not only presented the teaching materials, but also shared their life experiences and personal revelations.

I will always remember my time as a Bible University student. It is dear to my heart.