Dnipro Christian Church

1. General information:

Name: Dnipro Christian Church
Pastor: Maxim Belousov
Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Contacts: +38-063-446-11-77
                    e-mail: dneprcc@ukr.net


2. A brief history of the origin and development:

DCC was founded in 1998 when the senior pastor of Kharkov Christian Church, Peter Kovalenko sent a young family of ministers to Dnepropetrovsk to begin a new church there.


3. Vision:

We exist to lead people to Jesus and help them become devoted followers of Christ.


4. Church ministries:

Mercy ministry at Children's oncology center

This team visits children in the regional children's hospital. They praying for salvation, healing. Bringing food, gifts for children, provide financial help.

Mercy ministry at Hospice

This team visits patients at hospital of the septic department. Praying for healing and salvation. Bringing food, medicine and clothing.

Charity fund “The answer”

This is a team of volunteers who provide help for  soldiers, refugees and other people in need.

Children’s ministry

This is a team of teachers and mentors who carries weekly meetings with the children during the Sunday service, bringing the Word of God in an understandable language for children. They also carry out some other interesting projects for children, such as: day camp, summer camp "Crossroads", fairs and others.

Seminar "Meeting with God"

This team provides a spiritual and administrative training for seminar as well is leading the seminar "Meeting with God", which help a person to plunge  into the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit’s presence, where everyone meets with himself, his past and with God.

Discipleship and fellowship Groups

This team provides mentoring and organizing regular meetings of small groups for acquaintance, fellowship and prayer.

Youth Ministry «Hot place»

This team serves to youth of DCC, to unite and to create a friendly atmosphere among the young people, helps to distinguish their talents and enter into God's calling. They organize various sports activities, topical activities to reach young people of this city.

The praise and worship ministry

This team provides a special musical atmosphere of the presence of God and worshipping God on Sundays meetings and other meetings through spiritual, musical and vocal training and worship songs blocks.

The intercession ministry

This team provides the prayerful support of the church, covering all sorts of directions and needs.

The ministry "Hot Line" for healing:

It is an urgent prayer support team, which receives an ASAP newsletter and pray in accordance with the needs or diagnosis.

Prophetic team

This is  prophetic team of  leaders which provides prophetic ministry and training in DCC and beyond.

Pastoral team

This is a team of men - DCC assistants of pastor

The women's movement "Lady-X"

This is a team of active lady of all generations. Under the slogan "WE START CHANGE WITH OURSELVES!" - They inspire women to implement their talents, God’s giving potential and unique calling to change themselves and the world around them for better, through meetings, prayer breakfasts, social network.

Creative team

This is a team of people with great creative potential, generating and implement interesting ideas for the ministry of the church.

MEDIA ministry

This team provides illumination of the church in social networks and so on.

The hospitality ministry

This team of  smiling and welcoming people. They participate in meeting guests at the entrance, providing acceptance and creating a friendly atmosphere for visitors.

Ministry of the "Information Desk"

This team introduces guests to the church, deliver  an important information about events and engaged in registering for upcoming events / courses / DCC conference.


• Cooperation with the Vision International University since 1996


Information about the pastor

Our names are Max and Julia Belousov. We are the senior pastors of the Dniper Christian Church, which we started in 1998. Married since 1994 and we have two children.

We moved to the Dnieper, as missionaries from the Kharkov city, following the call of God to open a new church. Pastor Peter Kovalenko (Kharkov Christian Church) - is our senior pastor and spiritual father.

We desire to see that every man, who finds Christ in our church, also founds the family here. It is so important to have a home where you are accepted and loved, where you receive help to leave the past, get up and grow, where you get support and help.

This is the place where you can identify and use your gifts and talents, to find God's purpose. This is the place for children and young people, and for adults. It is the home for everybody!


5. Today's challenges and needs of the church, including financial:

We want to buy or construct a building for the church.