Church of the Living God (Uzhgorod)

1. General information:

Name: Church of the Living God
Pastor: Vadim Khlobas
Location: Uzhgorod, Ukraine
                  mobile phone: +38 (050) 673-58-78


2. A brief history of the origin and development:

The Church was founded in 1994 by a group of students and graduates of Nehemiah missionary school, and belongs to the association of Churches of the Lliving God. The first pastor was Mykola Omelchuk from Rivne, who in 2001 went back to Rivne. Since then the pastor is Vadim Khlobas. In 1998 the church planted a Roma church in Uzhgorod, and in 1999 there was another church planted in the small town of Berezny, Transcarpathian region.

Pastor Hlobas Vadim, born 27/04/1976 has beena pastor of the church since January of 2002. He is married,and has three children.


3. The vision of the church:

The vision of the church is to serve the community of the city, to expand the influence of the Kingdom beyond the walls of the Church.
Raise a new generation of ministers, prepare missionaries at the places where Christians live and work.


4. Ministry and church programs:

- Children, teenagers, youth (including clubs and camps)
- Charity ministry(to the elderly, orphans, imprisoned, Romacommunity)
- Street evangelism
- Alpha Course
- Ministryto refugees and immigrants
- Biblical principles of financial management
- Christian Education
- Newspaper Publishing

The church has beenworking with the Vision International University since 2000. Five students have received Bachelor’s Degrees since then. The pastor studied for Master’s Degree in 2005-2007, and is currently VIU teacher.


5. Today's challenges and needs of the church:

Challenges for the Church are: the education of the young generation in devotion to Christ, preserving sanctity and purity of Biblical doctrine without separation from the community; bring light into all aspects of social life using the potential of each church member.

Requests: more devoted ministers, need in facilities for church meetings and camps, finances to work with orphans and immigrants from East Ukraine.