Asia (“Asha”) and Marcin Wydra from Poland


We are Asia (“Asha”) and Marcin Wydra from Poland who start serving in Nepal at the end of September 2021. Our main goal is to establish a programming school in Nepal for young boys 16 –20 years old who are living in orphanages in Kathmandu. Our work will focus also on an education program for women over 20 years old in order for them to find a better job as well as a work with children living in orphanages in Lalitpur, a region in Kathmandu.

Marcin is a Full Stack programmer of JavaScript. Asia works for Fusion Foundation in Poland as an accountant. This trip will Asia’s 3rd time in Nepal. On her first visit, she worked in one of the orphanages in Kathmandu and, during the 2nd visit, she went with 3 more volunteers and cooperated with Fusion Nepal in Bakhtapur and again worked with children from orphanages in Kathmandu.

This is our first time to go on the mission field as a couple. Our ministry will be focused on the following areas:

  • Education, improving skills of young people
  • Relationship development with youth, making disciples
  • Creating work with children, introducing children to God's presence
  • Looking for (identifying) material needs of the local population
  • Helping the “untouchable” people in Nepal, materially and spiritually

List of needs for programming school and educational program with women:

  • Average cost of new computers — $700 x 5 = $3500 (we now have 4 computers, and we need a minimum of 5 more)
  • Learning materials (courses, servers, UX help) — $500
  • Transportation expenses — $100 per month
  • Furniture (tables, chairs) — $300
  • Lunch during the course for students — $200 per month
  • Renting a classroom / apartment — $300 per month
  • Equipment for classes (projector, printer) — $500

Dream needs:

  • $100,000 for opening a business in Nepal. Most of this cost must be in a bank account to prove to the Nepal government that we are able to pay taxes. Having this amount of money, we can open a private IT school where students can learn basic skills of using a computer as well as programming. This business will be a “cover” for Christians on long-term volunteer programs.
  • $10 000 for opening a new orphanage in Pokhara. This is the beginning cost of renting a house, supplying home furnishings, food, and school fees for children.

Much love and thanks!

Please contact us using ONLY this safe email while we are in Nepal:

Or, Signal: Asia: +48666625931; Marcin: +48518560087

Our PayPal:

For support in USA, via MTEE, send checks payable to MTEE, 3140 Old Atlanta Rd. Suwanee, GA 30024, note “for Wydra-Nepal” missions work.