A Story.
Andrzej Mytych, Poland

Dear Friends, This January my boys were baptized to express their faith in Jesus.

Timothy, our older son Szymon, our younger son

We are happy to see our children following the Lord.


A Story

I would like to tell you an interesting story. As you know, I work as an assistant pastor on the southwestern border of Poland. We are trying to reach with the Gospel the unchurched people living in small towns and villages where there is no evangelical presence. Most of the people we bring to Jesus (then disciple and help to obtain a reasonable state of wholeness) decide to go to big cities and other countries. (In our area, there is no work, and people migrate to other places, especially to big urban centers, looking for jobs or education.) It forces us to evangelize constantly. My Christian friends and I regularly create lists of people who we would like to win for Jesus. We intercede for them, we try to do something good for them, we try to solve a problem they may have, tell them our testimony and, if possible, share the Gospel with them.

So right now on my list are names of a few men as well as the couple you will see on the next page. Natalia is Polish and her husband, Dragos, is a Romanian. They live in Görlitz, a German border city 45 miles away from the town where I live. I was praying for their salvation, wondering what Jesus can do for them.

Natalia and Dragos

One day I received a phone call from her father.

"Pastor," he started. "How much do you charge for reconciling somebody to Jesus?"

"What?" Never in my life has anybody asked me such a question. He repeated, "How much do you charge for reconciling a sinner with God and for making right his sinful ways?"

It was one of the strangest questions I had ever heard as a minister. But since I was praying for this family and for an opening to somehow enter their world, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"My son-in-law has problems with the German law. Police came to arrest him, but Natalia, my daughter, asked them to give them a chance to sort things out. Dragos, her husband, was not paying fines he had been charged for going on public transport without tickets. Now he has a €2000 debt. Policemen told them that they have 24 hours. So, right away we consulted a lawyer. After checking the documents, she told us that only God can help Dragos.

We realized that we need a professional in this area, so we decided to get in touch with you, Pastor. How much do you charge?"

"For what?"

"For bringing my son-in-law to Jesus and talking to God about helping him."

"Well, I can do it for free," I replied.

"OK, I am coming to pick you up."

"Right now?"

"Sure, if God will not intervene, he will be arrested in 12 hours and sentenced for half a year. He is the sole provider for my daughter and my baby granddaughter."

I went to Germany to talk to this family. I talked to the Romanian son-in-law and brought him to Jesus. He was in tremendous stress, shaking, very nervous. Then the parents said, "Please ask God to show us how we can solve the problem."

"Why would you need to solve the problem? God can solve it for you."

"Really?" they asked.

"Sure, there is nothing impossible with Him."

They stared at me in disbelief.

"If you say so..." The father clearly was unconvinced.

"Sure, God can solve this problem. For Him it is not a challenge at all." And I prayed for God's intervention.

"Now wait and see what the Lord will do for Dragos and your family."

The next morning I woke up 100% sure I had made a great mistake. I didn't play it safe. "Why did I tell them that God will solve their problem if I had not a clear Word from the Lord?" I was angry with myself.

I started to pray, "Jesus, do something for them, or at least do not allow my stupidity to be a stumbling block for them on their way to You."

For the whole day my phone was silent.

Finally, it rang. I picked it up and heard in the receiver, "Pastor, you will not believe what has happened. This morning, policemen came and arrested Dragos. Later, when Dragos did not show up for work, his German boss called Natalia and asked her what has happened. She told him that Dragos had been arrested for debts and will stay in prison for at least half a year.

"For sure he will not!" said the boss, and he went to the police station. He paid the debt, took my son-in-law from the jail, and told him and my daughter that they can return the money, paying off every month the amount they can afford.

So, there are no charges, Dragos is free, and they can live. We are thankful to God for His intervention." The pressure was off! :)

"See? I told you. Don't be an unbeliever. For God nothing is impossible!"

Two weeks ago the couple was baptized along with my sons. They found and joined an evangelical church in Germany. When they are in Poland, they visit our church.

With Dragos in our church


Please Pray

1. For God's grace for personal evangelism. Now I have other men on my prayer list who need Jesus.

2. I am also planning to go in May on a mission trip to Romania. I will preach and train leaders in two churches. I need $480 to cover the cost of the trip.

3. For the healing of my son, Szymon. He is doing rehabilitation. At the end of March, he will go to a hospital for one month.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.

Love and blessings!
Andrzej Mytych

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