Aleksandr Poberezhniy (4th year student)

I am grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to study at the theological university. I am deeply convinced that the Lord wants His children to be taught and instructed in the truth of the Word of God. Having more than twenty years of spiritual experience and more than ten years of pastoral ministry, I could say or conclude that I have been read enough books and that the Lord has already revealed many things to me. Why study at the university when one can read at home? But I saw that I lacked the system in the knowledge that I had. Before it was difficult for me to devote time to a deep and systematic study (those who combine work and service will understand me). This does not mean that when I began to study I had more spare time but the university brought a system to the very process of my learning by focusing my attention on certain vital topics. The Lord blessed me, seeing my determination and dedication. I knew that it was His will. During the training my knowledge became systematic and it helped me a lot because practical subjects were taught that answered many questions and greatly helped in daily life and ministry.

During my training the Lord further shaped my character, because a deeper study of God's Word enabled the Holy Spirit to do his work in my life and heart. Thanks to the systematic nature of teaching, many truths were revealed even more widely and more clearly for me because it resulted from the teaching of such Christian subjects as hermeneutics, exegesis, doctrines, etc., which you almost never pay attention to in everyday life.

I really like the objectivity with which information came, and books that helped to discover God's truths.

To pay close attention to the teaching was not just a suggestion but a command in Scripture. God does not give a special or new revelation but reveals everything within the framework of His Word. That is why teaching is necessary so that God could something to remind of and to quicken in the heart. For me it was very convenient that this is not a day training and that the session is held once a month. In the period between sessions there was an opportunity to work with the textbook and other books offered, adjusting the time for training. I thank the Lord for the talented teachers at the university. They do not just present a theory, but use their lives as a good example. In conclusion I can say that the time spent studying at the university was not a waste but I became even closer to the Lord and gained experience and skill that will help me not only to stand myself but also to support those whom I serve.