"New Life", Nikolaev

Name: Christian Evangelical Church "New Life"
Location: Nikolaev, Ukraine

On June 18, 2000 Bishop Vladimir Ilchuk blessed and ordained the pastorate and the opening of the New Life church in the city of Nikolaev, who is a pastor to this day. The Church began as a small home group and has 120 people today.

• The main focus of the Church is to reach the hearts of people through the organization of humanitarian, evangelistic and social projects.
• The Church is working with children from schools and orphanages. It does socio-preventive work with children deprived of parental care, orphans, Chernobyl victims from vulnerable segments of the population, with refugees from the anti-terrorist operation zone. The church is working closely with the city and region offices of education, the Red Cross Society, labor offices and other city organizations through charitable and social projects. Much attention is paid in the Church to the future generation, especially young people. The local church is also working in the villages of Nikolaev region to open branches of local churches through the preaching of the Gospel and charity.

The basic need is a prayer support for attracting new people:

In 2013, the church acquired land for the construction of the New Life Christian youth center. There is a ready project of a building and all communications. In 2015, God miraculously blessed the laying of the foundation for the construction of the New Life Christian youth center.