Messiah Christian Church, Dnepropetrovsk

Name: Messiah Christian Church
Pastor: Sergey and Olga Peredistiy
Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

A brief history of the origin and development:

The Messiah Church began its ministry on October 8, 2011 in Dnepropetrovsk. Pastors Sergey and Olga Peredistiy were ordained as pastors in March of 2011. Today there are 35 people in the church.

The vision of the church:

- To bring people to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in relationships with God, so that they would become committed followers of Christ;
- to become a church that influences the society.

Ministries and Church programs:

- Weekly evangelism in the streets.
- Ministry to children in an orphanage.
- Weekly prayer meetings.
- Weekly Bible study lessons.
- An annual youth summer camp located in Domotkan village (90 km to Dnepropetrovsk). Camp’s primary mission is evangelism; to introduce unbelieving children to the Bible and Jesus Christ.
- Missionary work in Nikolaevka village (35 km to Dnepropetrovsk).
- Once in 3 months we have themed services for unbelieving children and the elderly people in order to open the world of the Bible and to show the love of Christ to them.

Today's challenges and needs of the church, including financial:

  • We need a van for mission trips around the area and the region.
  • Finances for the organization of summer camps to provide recreation for children from poor families.
  • An electronic drum set for the worship team.