Saransk Christian Center

Name: Saransk Christian Center
Pastor:  Ivan Abramov
Location: Saransk, Russia.

A Brief History of origin and development:

The church was founded in 1993 by missionaries from the United States. The first pastor of the church was Charles Songe.

I, Ivan Abramov, got saved in 1999. In 2007 I came to Saransk and became the pastor of Saransk Christian Center.

The vision of the Church is to take the gospel to all people.

Ministries and Church programs:

Since 2015 we began to attend a nursing home for the elderly.

The church develops the home groups ministry as this is the most effective means of heart-to-heart influence on society. There is a desire to participate in social projects of the city, and in the future we hope it will be so.

Today's challenges and needs of the church, including financial:

Church prayer requests: that the Lord would add saved people and that the Church would become stronger in the Lord.

Rent (or purchase) of a building for the church for a long-time use; right now we rent by the hour.

The need for printed Christian literature and the Gospels to be distributed among the local population.