"Salt of the Earth" Сhurch, Samara

Name: "Salt of the Earth" church
Pastor: Nikolai Milov
Location: Samara, Russia

A brief history of the church:

In 2010, a team of five missionaries, led by Nikolai Milov, the presbyter of the "Light of the World" church, was sent to Zubchaninovka village (north-western part of the city of Samara) to plant a new local church. A year later, Nikolay Milov was ordained for pastoral work.

The population of the village is multinational. There are a lot of Gypsies, as well as people who come looking for work in Samara – Uzbeks, Kyrgyzs, Tajiks, Kazakhs. The village population is over 30,000 people. The negative traits of the villagers are alcoholism, drug abuse, witchcraft and involvement in the occult. There are many gypsies and high turnover in the church.

The vision of the church:

It is the evangelization of all ethnicities not only in the village, but also in the nearby towns in the area.

The Church Ministries:

Prayer ministry, praise and worship ministry, children's ministry, ministry of helping gypsy families.

The needs of the Church:

The church needs prayer support for unity, qualitative and quantitative growth, evangelistic activity.