"Jesus Christ Church", Khabarovsk

Name: Evangelical Christian (Pentecostal) Jesus Christ Church
Pastor: Yuri and Irina Ilchenko
Location: Khabarovsk, Russia

A brief history of the origin and development:

The history of the church began in the 1990s in the Russian Far East in Khabarovsk. In 1995, a small group of people began to gather at Yuri and Irina Ilchenko’s apartment. They prayed together, studied the Bible, and worshiped God.

On November 27, 1995 the church was officially registered under the name "The Jesus Christ Church".

From its earliest days the church was moving in prayer and evangelism. Believers would go out to a city square before the service to hand out leaflets inviting people to reconcile with God.

The prayer group, driving a car around the city, prayed for God’s protection over the city, destroying idolatry, witchcraft, and poverty. At the same time the church started regular all-night prayers for the city, for the church, and for the pastors.

Also, great attention was paid to home groups or cells.

Besides prayer and home groups, different ministries began to develop in the church.

The vision of the church:

"Free Russia": the transformation of society through the values ​​ofthe Gospel, the power of the Holy Spirit and priorities of God's kingdom.

The vision is achieved through the G-12 system. The core values ​​of the system are:
- Evangelization.
- Strengthening.
- Discipleship.
- Fatherhood (spiritual covering).
- Spiritual unity.
- Raising up leadership.

Ministry and church programs:

The church has a ministry of home groups, prayer meetings.

The ministry of praise and worship is of particular importance. Five albums with songs of praise and worship were recorded.

The church has successful media ministry, recording pastor’s sermons and creating news stories and sending them to online channels like BOG.TV and TBN-Russia. The church has a website (churchjc.com) and pages in social networks: facebook.com, instagram.com, vk.com. Pastor Yuri is the head of the TBN TV channel in Khabarovsk"TBN-Far East".

The church has a children's ministry, which does Sunday school for children, game development activities, children's programs, summer camps for children. There is also a team of ushers that provides order, maximum functionality and efficiency of the church during Sunday services, prayer meetings and conferences.

The vision of youth ministry is to build relationships with young people through common activities, organizations, events, parties, celebrations, social work, sports, music and other things and hobbies, thus showing that the Christian life is not limited and boring as it is commonly perceived by the society as a whole. On the contrary, the goal is to show the younger generation that life in God reveals true freedom!

The church has a missionary ministry, where teams of believers visit towns and villages, reaching people with the Gospel.

The church also has Biblical leadership courses and a branch of the Vision International University. Through this ministry the church teaches believers to become leaders and reach others with the Gospel. Our mission is to save, to build up, to train, and to send out. Our goal is making every believer a leader.

Today's challenges and needs of the church, including financial:

Today’s challenge for the Church is the laborers, the people who are able to influence the society in various areas for God. Also, in order to carry out evangelistic projects, mission trips, the church needs more finances. There is a need for the church’s own building to be able to carry out various ministries for the Lord more effectively.