Tatiana Kovzhoga, Administrator,
Light of Life branch, Poltava

Dear friends!

Congratulations to all the staff, teachers, students and graduates on the 20th anniversary of the Vision International University!

I rejoice with you with all my heart! Vision International University was a huge blessing to many churches in Ukraine!

The Poltava branch was opened in 2001 at the Light of Life Church at the Pastor Dmitry Laptev’s initiative. Since that time 62 people received their Bachelor of practical theology degrees, 7 people became Masters of practical theology and are now teaching at Poltava branch of the VIU. Most of them are active in leadership positions in the church and are preaching the Gospel in Poltava region.

Pastor Dmitry Laptev received his doctorate in practical theology and today he successfully promotes elementary biblical education both in Ukraine and abroad, opening new branches and inspiring people to study.

I am deeply convinced that Ukraine which was permeated with atheistic pressure needs a fundamental biblical basis. Vision International University is the answer to the prayers of many pastors and church ministers.

May the Lord bless all those who work at the Vision International University, may He renew their strength and give them wisdom to make their vision a reality! May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in this!