"Good News Church", Cherkassy

1. General information:

Name: Good News Church
Pastor: Yury Bievets
Location: Cherkassy, Ukraine
Contact: church1992bv@gmail.com

2. Information about the Church:

The Good News church in Cherkassy was founded in 1992. Today it has about 500 members.

From the beginning the Church had missionary vision. The Church carries out missionary work and has branch churches in the Cherkassy region.

The Mercy Ministry is to help and to feed the homeless. The Rehabilitation and adaptation center for low-income citizens has been in operation since 2009. There people can adapt to modern life and be restored as citizens of Ukraine.

We now plan to open a shelter at the church so that people could have a full recovery and their lives would be changed.

We also support the soldiers at the ATO zone and people in front-line towns, helping immigrants and refugees adapt to life in our city. We help widows who lost their husbands in the war, and orphan children.

In addition, we work with children from disadvantaged families. There is a day center "Zhnivka". Volunteers conduct lessons on Christian ethics, advise children about relationships with parents, teachers, peers, talk about healthy lifestyles, as well as engage them in creative work, quizzes and games, organize celebrations and festivals for orphans and the disabled.

The ministry hotline is a 24/7 telephone counseling, providing spiritual and psychological help to people who find themselves in difficult or challenging situations.

  • Prison ministry – the preaching of the Gospel in the city jail, ministering to male and female inmates.
  • Prayer ministry
  • The ministry of healing and deliverance
  • Children’s and teenagers’ ministry
  • Youth ministry

Training Center – the center of Church Education. The training center operates a school for new converts "Pathfinder", a school for members of the Church "Fundamentals of Faith" and a branch of VIU.

The church began to work with VIU in 1996. Thanks to VIU, the Church effectively prepares ministers for the various ministries. The church has bachelors and masters of VIU, who are mature ministers in the church. The university helped to bring up teachers who now teach in VIU.

3. Information about the pastor.

Yury Bievets has been the pastor since the church was founded.
He has a family, five adult children, and a granddaughter.
The pastor received his theological education at VIU and is a master of theology.

4. Today's challenges and needs of the church, including financial.

The church does a lot of social work. Therefore, there are a lot of challenges.

The church has its own building and rents a part of the building (an office and a hall for 700 seats). Ten years ago by God's grace we bought out an upper and rear parts of a building (the whole building is 1150 sq. m), but there is no room that could accommodate the whole church. In this part of the building we did a major overhaul, and now there are rooms that the church uses, namely a cafeteria, a conference room, 2 classrooms. The Mercy ministry is held in the rear part of the building.

Our great desire is to buy a lovely hall for 700 seats with a big stage. For this we need US$300,000.

Also there is a plan to build a shelter for homeless people in the existing church building. According to the project we need to build dorm rooms, medical station, kitchen, dining room, showers, bathrooms, storage closets for food. We need about US$25,000 for this.

The funding for all ministries is carried out by church members’ donations. Today the church feeds the hungry, clothes the needy, helps people who are desperate, thus fulfilling the word of God:
"For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick, and ye visited me; I was in prison, and ye came unto me" (Matthew 25:25-36).